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Victoria Indoor Air Quality Testing

Is The Air In Your Home Affecting Your Family’s Health?

We spend most of our time indoors.  What we don’t realize is that our homes may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be dangerous to our family’s well-being. Indoor air contaminants range from minor issues and aggravations such as animal dander and dust, to major irritants such as mold and potentially hazardous chemical vapors created from things like building materials and even home furnishings. Thus, bad allergies, asthma, and other respiratory sicknesses can be enhanced by these hazardous substances found in your home’s poor quality air.

Modern PURAIR® is the best source for the most affordable cost & accurate measure of residential air quality available, with the highest standards for inspection and testing expertise, along with an ongoing management plan.


How Does Victoria Indoor Air Quality Testing Work?

Our portable air monitor simply plugs into an electrical outlet in your home or commercial establishment. After 3 days of monitoring, a Modern PURAIR® specialist will read the meter review the 6 key factors recognized as seriously affecting air quality by the Canadian Healthy Indoors Partnership, identifying problems. Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Report is available approximately 24 hours after the specialist picks up the equipment; this assessment is available 24/7 online, securely.  We will provide you with a username & password to access your air quality testing results.

Our Victoria air quality testing tests for several volatile organic compounds, air-born contaminants, and particles and will keep a log of them all. Included in the results is an all-inclusive report illustrating all the tests findings.

Normally $499, but you can now get 3 days of air quality testing with a full report for only $399

Why Modern PURAIR® Is The Best Choice For Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

Modern PURAIR® in Victoria is the leading company when it comes to the heating and cooling cleaning industry.  We offer our clients:

  • PURAIR® trained and certified personnel
  • WCB & ASHRAE compliant Indoor Air Quality Workplace regulations and guidelines
  • Exclusive PURAIR® high efficiency source vacuum removal service
  • Exclusive PUR CURx® Electrostatic Filtration products
  • Exclusive PUR CURx® Ultraviolet lighting system

We are the experts when it comes to air quality testing in Victoria. Everyone at Modern PURAIR® in Victoria understands the importance of your home and workplace air quality.  We know that the air we breathe is critical to our overall health and to our productivity.

Call us and our consultants will provide you with the finest in proven air quality testing services.



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