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Our Victoria Filter Maintenance Program

Ensure Your Victoria Furnace Filters Are Always Clean

If filters are not properly selected and cleaned or maintained, a build-up of dirt in coils and ducts can encourage the growth of microorganisms. Furnace filters that are clogged with dirt restrict the flow of air through the HVAC system. If filters “blow out” or do not fit properly, they can allow the passage of unfiltered air. Dirt can accumulate on coils, creating a need for more frequent cleaning and reducing the efficiency of the heating and/or cooling plant. It is much less expensive to trap dirt with properly maintained filters in Victoria than to remove it from ductwork, coils, fan blades, and other HVAC system components or the building interior.


What Is A Filter Maintenance Program?

Modern PURAIR® can help design a scheduled filter maintenance program in Victoria to best fit your needs and offer a single source for you to purchase or change filters and/or have them installed or replaced by our certified technicians. We use a minimum Merv 8 high efficiency filter and provide several other higher rated options. Merv 11 and 13 filters are available upon request.

Contact us and we will discuss a schedule that will best fit your needs, at the right frequency for proper maintenance.



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