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Heat & Cool Your Home With Victoria Heat Pumps

The Benefits Of A Heat Pump In Victoria

Living in Victoria means that the weather changes throughout the year. From cool rainy days to hot summer nights your home’s temperature needs to be adjusted accordingly. Without the proper adjustment of your home’s temperature simply daily activities such as sleeping, cooking or watching television can become greatly uncomfortable. In the cool months you want to ensure your home is warm and cozy, whereas throughout the warm summer months entering a cool home is the greatest feeling in the world. You can achieve both of these scenarios in your home with one item; a heat pump.

Your Victoria heat pump takes cool air and transforms it into hot air through mechanical energy, which moves the energy from the cooler space and releases it into the now warmer space. This process can also be done to cool spaces as well, making it ideal for use year-round. Victoria’s weather is a perfect scenario for a heat pump, as neither cool or warm weather is extreme. Therefore you can help save money and energy with a heat pump to both heat and cool your home. For more information or to book an installation contact us today and our team will be happy to help!


The Difference Between HRVs & ERVs

HRVs (Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems) provide your Victoria home with climate control and cost savings on energy costs. The system pulls stale air from your ducts to help heat any incoming air. This allows your home’s air to feel fresher, while reducing energy costs as it takes less energy to circulate the air.

EVRs (Enthalpy Recovery Ventilation Systems) provide a little more than HRVs. EVRs capture humidity that is in the air, keeping it stable for maintenance of a comfortable, constant humidity level throughout your home. This is beneficial in the cooler months and can be a great investment for those who find their home’s humidity levels inconsistent or uncomfortable.

HRVs and ERVs are great for supplying fresh air from outdoors into your home, while moving the stale air outside. Both are energy efficient options, which is beneficial for both the planet and your wallet. Contact our team today to learn more or to find out the perfect heating and cooling solution for your home.




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